What’s the difference between a workshop and a tour

Workshops are specifically designed as a learning environment. We'll have regular classroom/critiques sessions that can cover anything from composition to exposure to close up and landscape techniques to processing.

During workshops I generally don't shoot unless it's to set up a demonstration. I may have a camera out but this is often  to make some grab shots to show students possibilities. Toward the end of a workshop, if participants seem to be comfortable with what they're doing, I may do some shooting of my own. But I'm always available to answer questions or to help. A workshop is not about me padding my portfolio. That being said, I've gotten some really nice images during workshops. And I always share what I find and will help you capture the same thing.

A tour, on the other hand, is mainly about getting you to the right place at the right time. We may or may not have time or facilities for critiques and classroom. If we can, then that's just a bonus.

I'll generally be actively photographing during a tour but that doesn't mean I'm not available. To me, the same rules as in workshops applies: if you have questions or need help, that's what I'm there for and my photos don't come before that.