Below are just a few of the nice emails and letters I get from my workshop attendees.

Thank you for an absolutely wonderful workshop! You're a terrific leader who took us to great sites and who is always available to answer questions and give moral support. Of course the highlight for me was Delicate Arch and thanks to you, I did it.
-Polly Tripp

Gotta tell you what a fine time (we) had with you in Yosemite!
Thanks for being so generous with your time and expertise. I feel like my
photography took a quantum leap forward.
-Bob Rufer

When I first met Rod Barbee, he was an unpaid assistant working for the experience on a photography workshop in Utah. Over the intervening years his career as a professional photographer has skyrocketed. His articles and photographs have appeared in national publications, including the cover of Outdoor Photographer. He is a much sought-after photography instructor and workshop leader. He co-wrote, with renowned nature photographer David Middleton, a photographer’s guide to the Oregon coast.
The remarkable thing about Rod is the fact that despite his professional success he still demonstrates the same joy for photography he had as that unpaid assistant. Rod is an excellent teacher who readily tailors the level of instruction to the individual student. He is equally comfortable and effective in the classroom and in the field. His critiques of participants’ work are honest, insightful and supportive.
Since that first workshop in Utah, I have participated in six other workshops where Rod has been an instructor. My photography has improved thanks to Rod’s knowledge, experience and teaching skills. I am excited that Rod has announced new workshop locations for 2005 and 2006. I plan to attend several. And, I strongly encourage anyone looking to enhance her/his photographic skills, expand her/his portfolio, improve her/his photographic art, and have fun doing so to join me in taking part in one of Rod’s workshops.
-David Muse

I have had the great pleasure of attending several photographic workshops with Rod Barbee and, without fail, have left each one as a better photographer. Rod shares his vision, his creativity and his passion for photography with a practical and relaxed style which serves to both enlighten and to inspire. Through his workshops I have learned much of what I know of the technique of photography as well as the art of photography. Most importantly, with his help I have begun to see the world through the eyes of a photographer.
-Dick Badger

I have attended two workshops with Rod Barbee as an instructor at each. The first workshop in Olympic National Park included locations from beautiful ocean sunsets and tide-pools to rainforest waterfalls and mountain sunrises and wildflowers. Rod did an amazing job of working with the entire group to prepare for each shoot and then continued on an individual basis at each location. He is equally prepared to answer camera questions in digital and film formats or involving shooting techniques. The workshop included a good balance of classroom instruction and time on location to work on our skills.
On my most recent workshop with Rod in the Columbia River Gorge, he was the sole instructor with a small group of students who were using both digital and film formats. What a wonderful opportunity for each of us to have so much personal instruction from Rod. He does a great job of working with participants at all skill levels and has brought my photography to a much higher level with just these two events. Along with all of his professional expertise, I am continually amazed at his ability to identify plant life at each location. As a photographer still using film, I look forward to Rod’s expertise in helping me transition to a digital format in the near future.
-Jill Hall

Thank you for a great workshop at Zion National Park last week. I had a wonderful time, learned some new techniques and had bunch of laughs. I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and the time and energy that you put into the workshop participants.
-Winston C. Hall

Thanks for the great Canadian Rockies Workshop this week. I learned a lot about merging lines, forms and landscape composition. Once again you provided great instruction, constructive feedback and you challenged my thinking about photography. Looking forward to another workshop.
-Winston C. Hall

I certainly enjoyed the trip and I appreciate your efforts to help me become a better photographer.
-Roy Gordon

The Vermont workshop was great. Thanks again! It was one of the best I have been to. I look forward to doing it again next year.
-Warren Fiori

Just want you to know how much we enjoyed your workshop. You took so much time to explain lots of stuff that we needed to know, rather than shoot yourself. It was a tremendous experience. Your down-to-earth approach was just what I needed.
It was a real pleasure to get to know you a bit, and there is a good chance I'll do another of your workshops next year.
-Freddie Kelvin

About workshops with Rod Barbee and Don Mammoser

Just a quick note to thank you for a wonderful amazing trip, and the educational classroom sessions, not to mention the good laughs, autographed book, and all the little tips you folks share. I wish I can spend more time picking up the camera versus running a business.

Oh well, the workshops are a good excuse for me to get away and get the shutter bug back into my blood.
-Mike Murdock

I feel I made considerable progress as a photographer thanks to your help and suggestions.
I also benefited from your tips on the DOF preview button, hyperfocus, sensor cleaning and Photoshop -- GREAT!
-Doug Reese

I want to tell you again what a great experience it was for me to meet you both and to attend your workshop. It was fantastic! I learned some truly useful things I can apply to my skill set that will allow me to take my photography up to that next level. Your knowledge and willingness to tireless work with me to answer all my questions and apply more creativity to the manner in which I search out the good photo opportunity has allowed me to take photographs of which I can actually be proud. I hope to perhaps see you again on future workshops.
-Lonas Overholt

About Workshops with Rod Barbee and Victoria Dye

It's been several weeks, but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop. One of very few workshops I've attended lately where I got some great images AND learned a great deal. Victoria was very helpful in making me feel more comfortable behind the computer screen - I've always been more comfortable behind the camera! Many thanks,
-Bob Mazziotta

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